ARTJESTERSZONE.COM™  was started with the intent of displaying my art in the various forms of cartoons, ink drawings, and political illustrations using a mix of various mediums and techniques.
    On this site, I  will exhibit artwork that addresses questions that I have about the world and exposes some of my own “Pet Peeves” and or social challenges. My views are neither right nor wrong. I only invite you to confront an alternative view of things without the chains of political correctness  and social conformity, if you are able to.
        On a different note, this site also tends to reflect some of my life growing up;  which I feel can only be loosely expressed through the use of cartoon caricatures that I have created of me, my friends and well, I guess you’ll just have to see…
    Where do you want to start on this site? Let me help you out with that. The bulk of my art creations (cartoons of anything and everything in life) lies within the Pet Peeves pages as this gets updated the most. Pet Peeves will be updated Bi-weekly depending upon the amount of events that take place within life itself (thank you politicians)…
    Takeout Trash is a section solely directed towards deplorable customer service from local to national entities such as stores (all types), restaurants (mom and pop or chains) or the dreaded customer service phone numbers supplied by corporate america and big business because they feel they should keep their image looking clean on the surface.
    Next is the Illustration(s) page. This section only gets a few items updated at a time due to the nature of the work involved to create it but will soon become a cool creation/development page as well. This is where I’ll be able to show some progress or more like rough sketches of my stuff so people can follow along and see how a cartoon/drawing starts out and then how it turns into a finished product. Well then again, maybe they may never be fully complete as Pixar would say,  just released for everyone to enjoy. Check in about once a week or so for my illustration update(s).
    Photos page, last but not least! Here you will be able to view some of my photography from various areas around New York State and a few other places as well. I’m very excited about adding this page and I hope you will share those feelings along with me. Any questions about the places or things photographed please feel free to contact me via email located on the Artist Info page and I will respond to my best ability.
    Last, if you want to know a smidgen about me, my gear I use or various things, just check out the Artist Info page for some cool details.
    So here it is; placing my art, some views and my world out here for everyone (most everyone that is) to have a glimpse at.
    Enjoy the site!